• AR Madness is back in swing for MPE’s Dragons! Our students were incredibly motivated last year and the fact that they read close to 150 million words as a school last year speaks volumes. Once again our kids will have multiple opportunities to select books at their reading level, complete an AR quiz on a school computer after reading the book, and watch their point totals grow.

    Students are locked into a reading level range to help them chose an appropriate book based upon their STAR Reading Assessment. The AR program tracks each student’s growth in the following areas: words read, points earned and average quiz score. As a student becomes a better reader their reading level range will be adjusted to a higher level so that they continue to push themselves to the next level.

    MPE takes AR one step further… and the kids LOVE it. Last year we started with mARch Madness, which we will definitely be doing again for 2014-2015, along with our AR Reader Board so our kids will get the chance to share how much they are growing and learning. Stop by and take a look! It should be up and running soon after the school year begins.

    To learn more about Accelerated Reader click here:   http://www.renlearn.com/ar/

    To search for an Accelerated Reader book click here:  http://arbookfind.com