• Brandywine School District

    2012 District Race to the Top Grant Application

     Grant Overview

        The U.S. Department of Education has defined the purpose of the RttT – District competition as an opportunity for individual districts or consortiums of districts to replicate best practices evidenced from the progress of States and districts in implementing reforms through the State RttT and other key programs. Many of the same critical objectives driving the State RttT initiative resonate throughout the District RttT grant guidelines: focus on improving teaching and learning at the classroom level; monitoring of individual student achievement; closing existing achievement gaps; increasing awareness of and attention to equity and access. The District RttT grant uses the same overarching theme of “College and Career Readiness” with an intense focus on “personalized learning”.

        Click Here for a copy of the grant submitted to the U.S. Department of Education on November 7, 2012.