• Welcome to Third Gradebook


    Our Hanby Third Grade is a community of learners who enjoy working together each day. The third grade curriculum is based upon the National Common Core Standards for Language Arts and Mathematics.  Our teaching practices are focused upon enabling your child to master those standards.

    In Reading, our students enjoy reading the many different genres of literature and our major focus is on further developing their comprehension skills. 
    All of the students participate in the Accelerated Reader Program with individual goals set each marking period.  You can easily check the AR level of a book by going to www.arbookfind.com .
    The students investigate mathematical concepts and develop skills that provide them with a real understanding of our number system utilizing the Singapore Math Program.
    As writers, our students write daily across the curriculum. Our writing instruction focuses upon organization, using great beginnings and satisfying closings, developing ideas through elaboration and learning to use voice. 
    Our science unit centers around our three Foss Kits: Earth Materials, the Human Body and Water.  In Social Studies we study geography, economics, history and government. 


    Some special events are our field trips to White Clay Creek State Park for the extended geology program, a trip to Herr’s Potato Chip Factory (economics), and our Coffee House, which features poetry readings of our very own poems.  Every day in third grade is full of opportunities to learn and grow.

Last Modified on November 29, 2013