Fourth grade at Hanby Elementary is a world of educational opportunities with students and teachers alike that enjoy learning. Students are learning many concepts in Reading, Math, Writing, Social Studies and Science. Teachers are providing differentiated instruction to meet the individual needs of the students. Students are experiencing fun, learning activities through enactment, hands-on and collaborative learning.

    In Reading, students are exposed to different genres of literature, comprehension strategies, high-level thinking questions and written responses that include restating the question in the answer along with supporting details from the story. Students also select books to read for pleasure to utilize the Accelerated Reader Program with computerized assessments.

    Fourth grade students are becoming poets, authors and amazing writers. Students are developing essays with the use of transition words, expanded vocabulary and many other traits of writing. Students are also writing summaries and creating story maps to aide with reading comprehension.

    Math is composed of many concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The concepts are incorporated into many different areas of creating multiplication and division stories, computation and use of manipulatives through the Terc Math Program. Students also learn elapsed time, measurement, geometry, fractions and so much more.

    In Science, students participate in hands-on learning activities through four science kits: Structures of Life, Land and Water, Electricity and Sky Watchers. Structures of Life exposes the students to the habitat and life cycle of crayfish. Land and Water provides tactile learning experience of the interaction of land and water via run-offs, land slides, the water cycle and erosion through make-shift models. In Electricity, students understand how electricity functions to create series and parallel circuits, light switches and flashlights.

    In Social Studies, students learn map skills, Delaware Geography, Native Americans, 13 Colonies/Colonial America, Early Exploration, Events leading to the Revolutionary War, Revolutionary War, Government and Economics.

    Fourth Grade encompasses great learning opportunities through classroom instruction as well as field trips that correspond with what the students are learning. Through hard work and determination, all students are learning and becoming well-rounded, responsible and knowledgeable individuals.

Last Modified on July 26, 2016