Fifth’s Disease is a contagious viral disease thatappears mostly in the spring among children and adolescents. Symptoms may below-grade fever and/or rash on the face ("slapped-cheek” appearance).Within one to two days, a blotchy or “lacy” rash will appear on the arms and/orlegs and trunk. Once the rashappears, the student is no longer contagious; therefore, there is noneed for exclusion from school. There is no treatment for the virus.  If the rash is itchy, a cold washcloth orbenedryl given, as instructed on the label, may provide relief. 

       Althoughmost adults have already had Fifth's disease and are immune, there is a risk tothe baby if you have not had the disease and you are pregnant.  If you are pregnant or may be pregnant, thereis a risk that this virus can be transmitted to the fetus and may, in rarecases, cause complications. Infection may occur from touch or breathing in therespiratory secretions of the infected person. Very close contact with theinfected person is needed for exposure. Please call your obstetrician foradvice.