• Welcome to the Fifth Grade

    Fifth Grade is an extremely busy school year with a variety of learning opportunities for every student.

    In Reading, the students are exposed to a variety of story genres. Our Harcourt Reading Series includes historical and realistic fiction, biographies, folk tales and nonfiction excerpts. If the excerpt intrigues the student, they are encouraged to discover the novel and read more. Students are also reading novels in small groups that are aligned with our curriculum. In addition, students read independently for pleasure using our Accelerated Reader Program.

    Writing is the second part of our Language Arts program. Fifth graders practice three types of writings. The first is an extended response answer used with stories we are reading. The second type of writing is called Text Based Writing (TBW). This is a more detailed extended response supported by information from within the text and from personal experiences. The third writing is called a Stand Alone Prompt. This type of writing is most like a traditional essay. The prompts may be expressive, persuasive or informative.

    Math is the second largest part of the day. Fifth grade math core curriculum is the Singapore program.  Students are responsible for taking learned concepts and using them to solve an equation. We cover many topics in math including number sense and algebraic thinking, measurements, number patterns, decimals, fractions and percents, proportion, geometric figures and integers. In addition, students participate in the “Belting out the Facts Program.” This program is designed to motivate students to learn their multiplication and division facts. Do you know what color your student has mastered?

    We have three science kits that we use throughout the year. The first is “Mixtures and Solutions.” In this kit, students explore creating and separating mixtures and solutions. The second kit is “Motion and Design.” K'nex pieces are used to construct multiple vehicles and test aerodynamics using rubber band power, a propeller, and a sail. The third kit of the year is “Ecosystems.” Students construct land and water ecosystems to explore the independent and interdependent relationships of our land and water environments. Students also research the effects of pollution on our environment and animals' natural habitat.

    Social Studies is also part of a fifth graders day. In social studies, we step back in time to create an understanding of how people have affected the land and how land has affected the people. We discover this using a timeline that starts with the Civil War and moves up through the first half of the 20th century.

    It's clear to see that 5th grade is packed with interesting content areas and lots of hard work. From a trip back in time through reading and writing combined with real-life experiences, our students become immersed in the curriculum. We certainly hope that the learning and experiences our children have, help to create well-rounded, knowledgeable citizens about our world.

Last Modified on July 26, 2016