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         Another exciting year has begun and I really look forward to being a part of your child’s educational experience here at Hanby Elementary this year!  I believe it is my job to offer Hanby students the opportunity to experience the wonders of music and to explore and discover the many special gifts music has to offer!


    Did you know research has shown that studying music strengthens students’ academic performance?


         The honeybees visit the music room once a week for 45 minutes for general music.   During that time, we sing, move, listen to, read, write and play music. In our classes, music is first experienced and absorbed through exposure and repetition.  Eventually, our honeybees become active participants in the process of making music!  Concepts are introduced from simple to complex and are sequential in nature.  Lessons are designed using the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards for Music Education, and the Brandywine School District Music Curriculum. These documents include GLE’s (Grade Level Expectations) which clearly define what students should know at the end of each grade level.
       Students in kindergarten music classes at Hanby are introduced to concepts and skills while students in the first grade music classes work to further develop an understanding of previously introduced concepts and skills, and are introduced to new ones too.
       Hanby second graders continue to develop their musical skills and knowledge and do begin to show signs of proficiency in some areas. Third grade music students actually attain proficiency level in some areas while continuing to work on a developmental level in others. The soprano recorder is introduced in third grade and it becomes a regular part of the third grade general music class, tying together many skills and concepts learned previously.

       Fourth and fifth grade students become quite proficient in some areas such as singing, instrument playing and evaluating performances, and work further to develop their improvisation, composition, and reading and writing skills as they begin to connect music to other arts and curricular areas.
       All fourth and fifth grade students at Hanby have the opportunity to participate in our Hanby choruses, and instrumental ensembles. Ms. Georgia Black returns this year as our Band Director, working with our Hanby Beginning Band and Advanced Band.  We are thrilled to welcome Ms. Amanda O'Connor to our Hanby Music Department.  She will be offering instruction on string instruments and conducting our Hanby Orchestra. I have the privilege, once again, of directing our Hanby 4th and 5th Grade Choruses. Our 4th Grade Chorus and Beginning Band rehearse once a week on Thursday mornings for 40 minutes and our 5th Grade Chorus and Advanced Band both rehearse once a week on Friday mornings for 40 minutes. Information on our Hanby Orchestra rehearsals will be coming soon. Band and Orchestra students also receive a 30 minute small group lesson once a week. 

         In the general music classroom, we work to follow four simple rules:
              1.  Follow directions quickly.
              2.  Raise your hand for permission to speak.
              3.  Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.
              4.  Make smart choices.
       Our classroom rules are displayed prominently in the room.  Children are encouraged to follow our rules so they may earn "Bees" for their class and "Buzz bucks" for themselves!!


          Your child can get the most they can from our Music classes by:

              *Following the rules to be safe, responsible and respectful

              *Participating in class discussions and activities

              *Giving good effort



         Any comments, concerns, questions?  Please feel free to contact me by e-mail: susan.brooks@bsd.k12.de.us or by phone at (302)479-2220, extension 1115.


         Music is a beautiful language!  It is my hope that Hanby’s honeybees will continue to enjoy music the rest of their lives!


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    Additional Music Notes


    **Third grade Parents: 


    ***Be on the lookout for a letter about our recorder program!  Copies will be available on this website later in the school year.


    **All Parents:


    ***Be sure to check out the Brandywine School District Fine Arts Performances Calendar on the district website.  Enjoy the many excellent performing groups the Brandywine School District has to offer!!  (I have posted our Hanby performance dates on this website!!  Mark your calendars now!!)


    ***Look for "Notes from the Music Room" here on the Music Classroom pages!!  Find out what is going on in your child/children's music classes!!

Last Modified on September 24, 2018