• Welcome to P.E. with Mr. C.!

    Welcome to Physical Education at Hanby!  In all of our PE classes we try to be as active as possible so that we can get the greatest benefit for our young bodies.  The curriculum teaches the students not only necessary physical skills that can be used throughout life, but works on keeping physically fit.  Students learn spacial awareness, locomotor movements, manipulative skills, beginning sports skills and the fitness elements and concepts.  We also work on sportsmanship and being a cooperative group or team member.  These things are accomplished through a wide variety of activity formats and games.  The activities are designed to be developmentally appropriate.  Activities are also adapted to meet the needs of all children when necessary.  All children are strongly encouraged to do the best they can do in all aspects of the program!  We want children to like physical activity and approach it from an aspect that they also perceive that physical activity is fun and something that they want to be a part of in their school life and beyond.


    All of the physical educations programs in the Brandywine School District follow the State Standards for Physical Education.  At the end of each grade K-5 there are defined knowledge (concepts) and skills (physical) that the students are expected to attain.


    Did you know that studies show that physically fit children attain better standardized test results than non-physically fit children?  It is especially important at this young age to be physically active as it does help to enhance academic learning. The overall health benefits of being active are also extemely important.  Always encourage you child to do something physically active each day and it does not have to be sports related.  Get up and move--it is something that can last a lifetime!

Last Modified on October 25, 2016