• Brandywine Specialized Autism Program

    Parent Action Committee 

    Who are we?  We are the “BSAP PAC” comprised of parents and staff members who have and work with children on the autism spectrum in the Brandywine School District.  We discuss and act on matters that directly impact our children and families within our district and throughout the state.  We look to support and learn from each other as our children become well-educated, productive citizens.


    Come join our community!  Your child does not have to be enrolled in the BSAP program in order to be a group member or attend our meetings.  Helpful information can be found on the “BSAP Parent Action Committee” Facebook page.  Once you find our page, click on “invite” to join.  We are a closed group to protect the personal information of our members. 


    Thursday, October 20th @ 7pm

    in the Mt. Pleasant H.S. Library