• This section provides information about Hanby's Adequate Yearly Progress Rating (AYP), Annual School Improvement Plan (SIP), and the School Improvement Plan (SIP) Annual Parent Report.   Please use the link at the left to navigate to the file library.
    Annual "Adequate Yearly Progress" Letter to Parents
    The Delaware Department of Education measures student achievement progress using the Delaware Comprehensive Assessment System (DCAS), an on-line computerized assessment.  In order to make Adequate Yearly Progress, all student groups (White, African American, Hispanic, Asian, English Language Learners, Students with Disabilities and Economically Disadvantaged students) must meet participation and performance targets designated by No Child Left Behind legislation.  A letter to parents explaining Hanby's most recent Adequate Yearly Progress Rating can be accessed by clicking the Annual Report File Library link to the left.
    Annual School Improvement Plan

    Every school in the Brandywine School District develops an annual School Improvement Plan that is guided by the District Success Plan's goals and initiatives, yet individually tailored to meet the identified needs of the unique population of students being served.  The school improvement planning process is very fluid and plans are adjusted periodically throughout the year using real-time data centered on student need.  A copy of Hanby's most recent School Improvement Plan can be found in the Annual Report File Library.
    End of Year School Improvement Plan Evaluation
    Ironically, the first step in writing the next year's School Improvement Plan is a critical analysis of how well the previous year's plan met the needs of the students through the use of data.  Data trends and patterns in student achievement data guide the School Leadership Team in their work of facilitating the development of the school's next School Improvement Plan with teachers, parents and community members.  A copy of Hanby's most recent School Improvement Plan End of Year Evaluation can be found in the Annual Report File Library.

Last Modified on August 27, 2012