Forwood Elementary is an active participant in the Delaware Positive Behavior Support Project.


    What is Positive Beahavior Support?-

    Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is a school-wide behavioral management system that focuses on recognizing good behavior, developing a positive school climate, and reducing behavior referrals. It establishes and continuously teaches clear and consistent expectations for student behavior, as well as procedures to address deviations from expected behavior. At Forwood Elementary, students are expected to be responsible, respectful, and safe at all times. These expected behaviors (see chart below) are applied across all school environments including the classroom, playground, cafeteria, special events, and when students represent our school on field trips. When students demonstrate knowledge of the expectations through good behavior, they are rewarded with various prizes and fun assemblies to recognize their accomplishments.







    What are the expected behaviors at Forwood Elementary?


    Forwood’s School Wide Cool Tools Matrix

    School-Wide Expectations

    Lovin Lunch

    Responsible Bus Riders

    Paws in the Halls

    Fine Farewell at Dismissal

    Quick, Quiet and Clean at the Bathroom

    Pleasing Playground

    Good Morning at Arrival

    Fantastic Fire Drills and Emergencies

    Fun Field Trips and Assemblies

    Be Safe

    1. Walk to lunch line.

    2. Maintain personal space.

    3. Use materials correctly.

    1. Back to back.

    2. Bottom to Bottom.

    3. Book bag on lap.

    4. No food or drink.

    1. Always walk.

    2. Hands, feet and objects to self

    1. Stay in line with class.

    2. Walk

    3. Car riders go right to café.

    4. Wait for a teacher to dismiss you.

    1. Walk to Bathroom.

    2. Wash Hands.


    1. Hands and feet to self.

    2. Use equipment properly.

    3. Stay in playground area.

    1. Walk into building.

    2. Go DIRECTLY to classroom or breakfast.

    1. Always QUIET!

    2. Know your exits.

    3. Walk

    4. Follow adult directions.

    1. Follow adult directions.

    2. Walk

    3. Use appropriate voice for activity.

    Be Responsible

    1. Eat

    2. Seat

    3. Neat

    1. Wait in line to get on bus.

    2. Go right to seat.

    3. Hands and feet to self.

    1. Always face forward.

    2. Stay in line.


    1. Be on Time.

    2. Remember all items.

    3. No re-entry to building without permission.

    1. Quick

    ·         1 pump of soap

    ·         3 hits for paper-towel

    2. Quiet

    3. Clean

    1. Clean up play area.

    2. Line up immediately when whistle blows.


    1. Check in with teacher first before going to bathroom.

    2. Be on time and ready to learn.


    1. Always QUIET!

    2. Know your exits.

    3. Walk

    4. Follow adult directions.

    1. Pay attention to speaker.

    2. Use your manners.

    3. Sit or stand appropriately.


    Be Respectful

    1. Quiet voices.

    2. Clean up area.

    3. Use manners.

    1. Talk quietly.

    2. Listen to your driver.


    1. Quiet in the halls.

    2. Hands off the walls.

    1. Quiet in line.

    2. Make sure you are aware of younger grades.

    3. Use manners.

    1. Throw away all trash.

    2. Use manners.

    1. Use kind words.

    2. Take turns.

    3. Listen to recess teachers.

    1. Quiet in the halls and when you enter your class.

    3. Greet peers and staff members.

    1. Always QUIET!

    2. Know your exits.

    3. Walk

    4. Follow adult directions.

    1. Follow adult directions.

    2. Stay with your group or class.








    How do staff recognize positive student behavior?


    Students can earn classroom and/or individual paw prints for following the Forwood expectations.  After receiving a paw print, the student places the paw print into the classroom paw print box.  Classroom teachers tally up the paw prints and reward the class with a PBS reward. (See Paw Print Poster)


    Save those paw prints!!

    PBS Celebrations



    • Monthly Award Ceremony- Classrooms are recognized for positive behavior at a monthly PBS assembly.
    • Honor Roll Ceremony
    • Special Guests/Events
    • Fall Festival
    • Spirit Days
    • Double Paw Print Day
    • Spirit Week
    • PBS End of Year Fun Day