• "Math Help" Pencasts for Students
    It happens to all of us ... you fully understand the concept covered in class, but when you get home to do your homework, you can't quite remember that one step of the calculation.  Pencasts are not only the solution to this delimema, they are also great to help understand math concepts and algorthymns when you missed school due to absence or just to brush up on things you've already learned.  Pencasts will allow you to see and hear the thinking and process of completing mathematical expressions any time and any where you have access to the Internet.
    Please note that the navigation pane to the left lists several different middle school math courses.  Please make sure that you are reviewing items in your course when you have questions on items that were covered during a recent class period, but feel free to review previous course items or challenge yourself with course items you will take in the future.
    All of these pencasts have been created by your teachers at P.S. duPont in an effort to help build your mathematical understanding and ability whether in school or at home, weekday or weekend - whenever the need exists.  This is a new initiative for us, so we will continue to add pencasts throughout the year, so please check back freqently.
    Please note that the pencasts require flash to operate.  Please check that your computer has the correct version of flash installed to view the pencasts.