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    Hi and Welcome to Carrcroft's physical education site! Here is some important information you should know about physical education.

    The students attend P.E once a week for a 45 minute period of time. During that time students are taught the importance of exercise and the great effects it has on their body. The students experience numerous ways to exercise and learn important skills that accompany exercise. The goal is to instill the importance of daily exercise and to offer many exciting ways to accomplish this goal.

    Students are required to wear sneakers for P.E. Sneakers provide the necessary support for exercising safely. Here is the P.E schedule at Carrcroft so you will know what day your child should wear/bring their sneakers to school: PLEASE CHECK YOUR CHILD'S P.E. DAY.


    Physical Education Schedule 2013-14






    Mrs. Grasso

    Ms. Reed

    Ms. Dill

    Mr. Herkins

    Mrs. Callahan

    Ms. Sipress

    Mrs. Deisher

    Mrs. Zorger

    Ms. Picciotti

    Ms. Furman

    Mrs. Shields

    Mrs. Brabson

    Ms. Gatchel

    Mrs. Loughran

    Ms. Reilly

    Ms. Salvatore

    Mr. Pedicone

    Mrs. Ostroff

    Mrs. Blair

    Mrs. Umile



    Mrs. Krauss

    Mrs. Nelles



     For more information about the program, please visit the “What we are doing now..”, “Mileage Club” and “Website of the Month” sections of the physical education page.

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