• Lombardy Spring 2016/2017 Assessment Schedule

    Every year, public school students take comprehensive state tests in a variety of subject areas.  Over the course of the last decade, the state has changed its testing system twice, moving from the DSTP (Delaware State Testing Program) to the DCAS (Delaware Comprehensive Assessment System), and this year from DCAS to DeSSA (Delaware System of Student Assessments).  The DeSSA includes the Smarter Balanced assessments for both English language arts and mathematics.  These online tests include writing, listening and research, and measure real-world skills like critical thinking and problem solving, and are more rigorous than previous assessments.  For now, subject areas including science and social studies will continue using assessments from the former Delaware Comprehensive Assessment System (DCAS).
    Testing schedules will vary across buildings due to the natural variations between schools, such as size of student body, building events, and similar unique factors.  In an effort to keep students and parents as informed as possible, all Brandywine School District schools will be posting their buildings' test schedules in a calendar format on the buildings' websites.
    For more in-depth information regarding DeSSA and Smarter Balanced assessments, please visit the follow websites:

     Please Note The goal of each building is to adhere to its published testing calendar; however, please realize that the schedule will remain fluid throughout the testing cycle, adapting to the needs of students and unforeseen events.  Due to the nature or timing of the event necessitating an adjustment to the published testing calendar, planned testing sessions may change with little to no advanced warning and may or may not be adjusted on the published calendar.