• Today is 1/16/2019
    Welcome !
    Paul Gray
     Email address:   paul.gray@bsd.k12.de.us
     Phone/Voicemail:  479-1621 ext. 196
     Room:  196

    About Me

    My Education:  BA Rowan University 1988, MM University of Akron 1991, University of Delaware, University of the Arts
    My Experience:  Kirk Middle School 1993-2005, Christiana High School 2005-06, Pencader Charter School 2006-11, Springer Middle School 2011-16
    Favorite Quote:    Walk softly, but carry a big stick.
    Teaching Philosophy:   Teach it like you love it and love who you are teaching.
    Personal Interests:  Guitar, music, biking, scuba diving, yard work, cooking and home improvements