• Important information for parents and guardians


    Learning isn’t confined to the school building.  The Compass Learning website is a great learning tool for students to use at home (especially during snow days). Compass Learning is an interactive tutorial program that adjusts to the skill level of each individual user after they take a pre-test.  


    If your child uses Compass at school, he or she can log on at home too!  While at home, please connect to http://www.compasslearningodyssey.com/ and have your child do the following:


    [a] type in their student ID (same as lunch number) in the User Name box

    [b] type "password" in the Password box

    [c] type "Brandywine" in the School box
    Students must do any assignments their teacher has given them first and then they can make their own choices of programs to use.


    Compass encourages parental involvement, so please enjoy this opportunity to advance your child’s learning.