• Core Essentials

    Core Essentials is a character education program, designed for grades K-5, that provides simple, straight-forward tools allowing schools to quickly incorporate character education into the curriculum.

    The program provides a “value of the month” focus that encourages individual classrooms, the entire school, and families to emphasize the same aspect of each value. Core Essentials is designed to synchronize the home and school by presenting values on which both can agree.

    The belief is that it takes and INWARD attitude to influence OUTWARD behavior. That's what values means. The values that Core Essentials emphasizes are common attitudes that parents and teachers want children to learn and demonstrate.

    Values affect behavior by helping children treat others right, make smart decisions, and maximize potential.

    This program was developed through a national partnership with Chick-fil-A. Carrcroft's resources are provided through the generosity of the Concord Mall Chick-fil-A store.

    The 2009-10 Core Essential Values

    September – Wisdom

    October – Individuality

    November –Cooperation

    December – Compassion

    January – Self- Discipline

    February – Honor

    March – Honesty

    April- Friendship

    May - Patience