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Support Services Overview

Support Services refers to services that are provided to support the operation of the District including facilities, maintenance, construction and renovation, nutrition, and transportation.  Support Services are managed by the Assistant Superintendent of School Operations, Dorrell Green.

The mission of Support Services is to provide the highest levels of safety, cleanliness, and maintenance to Brandywine School District facilities in order to provide the best educational environment for the students and staff.   School Nutrition is committed to providing students with nutritious and appetizing meals that are served courteously in a sanitary and pleasant dining environment.  The mission of the Transportation Office is to provide safe transportation to the students of the Brandywine School District and support the educational functions and activities of the District.  The experienced and highly trained staff of Support Services strives to improve the quality of services on a daily basis. 


Facilities Management

School Facilities strives to provide the highest standards of safety, cleanliness, and maintenance to the Brandywine School District facilities in order to provide the best educational environment for the students and staff.  This is accomplished through an experienced and highly trained staff that strives to improve the quality of services on a daily basis.


Safety and Security

The goal of the Safety and Security program is to provide a safe and secure environment for all Brandywine School District students, staff, and community.  The District is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for students and staff to accomplish their assigned tasks by establishing and maintaining proper safety and security standards that follow best management practices.


Questions or concerns regarding safety and security can be directed to Assistant Superintendent Dorrell Green at 302-793-5000 or



BSD has begun a district-wide paper recycling program provided by Rapid Recycling.  Individual recycling bins have been placed in all classrooms, offices, and copy rooms.  The paper collected is transported to a facility where it is sorted, baled, and sold to paper mills for use in manufacturing recycled paper products.  Students are involved in the recycling at each of the following schools:


Carrcroft Elementary School

Harlan Elementary School

Mt. Pleasant Elementary School

Claymont Elementary School

Lancashire Elementary School

P.S. DuPont Middle School

Concord High School

Lombardy Elementary School

Springer Middle School

Forwood Elementary School

Maple Lane Elementary School

Talley Middle School


 What types of paper are collected for recycling?


§ Copy paper

§ Magazines

§ Manila Folders

§ Notebook paper

§ Phonebooks

§ Newsletters

§ Newspapers

§ Envelopes



Single Stream Recycling

Three District schools (Brandywine High School, Hanby Elementary School/Bush Early Education Center, and Mt. Pleasant High School) are participating in a pilot program for single stream recycling.  Mixed recyclables (paper, plastic, glass, metal, etc.) are disposed of in a single waste stream.  Waste Management hauls away the mixed recyclables that are then separated and processed for recycling.



Energy Management

The Brandywine School District has developed a District-wide energy management program to reduce utility consumption and associated costs.

To use all energy efficiently, while maintaining a comfortable and safe learning environment.  The School District, throughout its operations, will strive to purchase all utilities at the lowest cost possible, operate all equipment efficiently, and consider the energy efficiency of new and replacement equipment when making purchasing decisions.  


Small behavior changes like turning off lights as you leave a room can lead to big savings across the district!


Contact us with your questions, comments, and suggestions.

Last Modified on May 12, 2014