• School Nursing Services

     in the Brandywine School District 

     School nurses play a significant role in improving the health and well-being of students in collaboration with families, schools and communities. All of our schools in the Brandywine School District have a full time registered nurse certified as a School Nurse by the State of Delaware. The education and skills school nurses bring to the education setting allow them to recognize a potential emergency and take steps to prevent exacerbation of an illness or injury.  As first responders in the school setting, school nurses become “first doers” providing the emergency care needed for the health and safety of students and staff.      

    School nurses follow best practice to evaluate and manage an illness or injury which often allows students to remain in school and in the classroom learning.  They are the link between health and education, managing care for students with chronic conditions and coordinating the care between school, home and the community provider so students can safely remain in the classroom. 

    In addition to managing the health care needs of our students, school nurses recognize the importance of lifelong health and well-being.  School nurses visit classrooms and participate in school and district committees, bringing their expertise and experience to create a “culture of health” in the school community.

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     Artwork courtesy of Mr. Milton Downing's students at Hanby Elementary