• Welcome to Harlan’s Art Room!


    At Harlan, we are extremely fortunate to have a large are room that is equipped with many resources, materials, & endless possibilities.


    Throughout the year, students will be developing and expanding their skills, knowledge, appreciation, and imagination. They will be introduced to art & experiences from around the world and taught to celebrate their own identity and ideas.

    In addition to hands-on experiences students will realize that art is an important component of life. Not only does art develop fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, persistence, problem solving, and innovation, it teaches many values that correlate with the IB program at Harlan, such as: compassion, respect, creativity, appreciation, open mindedness ……….


    Hopefully, the art experiences at Harlan will encourage your student to “think outside the box,” take risks, appreciate diversity, and discover their own passion.


    I will update the webpage as often as I can, including pictures of student work, activities, opportunities, ideas, books, insightful and fun websites.


    Please fell free to contact me anytime with any comments or suggestions.