• MPHS After-Prom
    MPHS 2017 After-Prom Committee


    Printed copy preferred - please give to Mrs. Bigley at MPHS.

    Electronic copies can be sent to LisaARB44@comcast.net

    After Prom tickets will continue to be sold on Friday, 5/19 and Monday, 5/22. Students MUST bring a change of clothes, including shoes, in order to purchase a ticket. Bags of clothes should be labeled with student’s name.

    If for some reason, a student is unable to purchase a ticket, they can contact Jen Snover at 302-290-0883.
    Date: May 30, 2017
    Time: 11pm to 2am


     After Prom clothing and shoes MUST be turned in to the After Prom Committee upon purchasing a ticket.

    Students will not be permitted to bring clothes or shoes to the After Prom, nor will they be permitted entry if they have changed out of their Prom Attire.

    After Prom attire should be consistent with school dress code according to the code of conduct.

    Welcome to After Prom!

     After Prom is a fun and imaginative event that gives prom-goers a safe place to extend their evening after the prom – and make memories that will last a lifetime. Each year, a theme is selected by the After Prom committee, which then works together to transform the school into a magical place the students will barely recognize!

    To make After Prom a reality, the After Prom committee – a group of MPHS parents – has been working hard to raise money for this event. YOU can help just by attending or participating in one or more of these fundraisers!


    Have questions about our fundraisers or how you can get involved?

    Need tickets?

    Contact any of us!!

    Can't help?  Please participate by making a donation to "Mt. Pleasant After Prom"

    Jen Snover,  President  jbsnover@gmail.com 

    Dona Rothwell, Vice President  donarothwell@aol.com

    Lisa Bechler, Secretary  lisaarb44@comcast.net

    Tanya Looney, Treasurer  telooney@comcast.net