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Evaluating Performance

  • Assignments, assessments, and grades provide valuable feedback about what a student is learning and how they are progressing - over the course of a school year and also from year to year.  With this information, teachers and administrators can take corrective measures, if necessary, to ensure that students are provided with foundational skills and knowledge that help prepare them for future success in school and beyond.

    The Brandywine School District uses the following tests to evaluate student and teacher performance.

    Smarter Balanced:  This is the main multi-subject test given to students across the state.

    Advanced Placement (AP): High School students who have taken college-level AP courses are encouraged to take the course’s AP test.  Scores on these tests help university advisors decide whether a student may be exempt from taking that course in college.

    International Baccalaureate (IB): Students who are enrolled in the IB program at Talley Middle School and Mt. Pleasant High School take tests that certify them in the IB curriculum.  These tests are given in 5th, 8th and 12th grade.

    SAT/PSAT:  Students who are applying to colleges know all about the SAT/PSAT.  These test scores are indicators for admissions to determine whether a child is a good fit for their school.  In BSD these tests are given free to all high school students to measure student learning. The PSAT is given to 9th and 10th grade and the SAT is given to 11th grade students.