Career and Technical Education

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  • All high school students choose a career pathway to study.  Concord offers a variety of career pathways for students to choose from. 

    Business Pathways

    The Business, Finance and Marketing Pathway focuses on business skills, practices and technology. The Pathways offered include Accounting and Marketing. Concord is the only High School in BSD to offer Accounting.

    Family Consumer Science Pathway

    In the Family Consumer Science Pathway, students prepare for careers in Human Services. Classes focus on the family in the community as they progress through various stages of development. Studens explore subjects like early childhood development, family issues and gerontology.  

    Jobs for Delaware Graduates (JDG)

    Jobs for Delaware Graduates is a program that prepares students to find jobs in the workplace.  All JDG students are eligible for membership in the Delaware Career Association (DCA), a youth organization that offers them field trips, group activities, guest speakers, and state conferences. A JDG Specialist is available to work with students during school year, summer and 12 months after graduation.  They help students find jobs in the career of their choice.

    Technology Pathway (STEM)

    The Technology Pathway offers students a way to develop critical and creative thinking skills through problem solving. This pathway draws from innovations of the past to help students develop skills in design, research and production. During class, students use the latest technology like digital design programs and 3-D printers.

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