Fine Arts


    Department Chair: Sheri Pinchin

    Art Teacher: Gayl Pease

    Art is vital to education for all students. Concord High School’s Art Department offers a range of challenging courses that focus the skills required for students to express themselves creatively. All that is required in these courses is an interest in learning about art and a willingness to work hard.



  • Course Offerings 

    • Elements and Principles of Art (This is a prerequisite for all Art electives except for Photography and Art History)
    • Drawing
    • Painting
    • Figure Drawing
    • Ceramic
    • Sculpture
    • Intro to Photography
    • Advanced Photography
    • Advanced Studies - Portfolio Development
    • AP Art
    • Art History
Paint pallet and brushes
  • General Comments

    • All art courses are offered for 18 weeks (1 semester) for ½ credit.
    • All courses may be taken as many times as a student desires. New project requirements and advanced techniques are assigned each time a course is repeated.
    • Class attendance is very important in all art courses.
    • Daily class participation is very important in all art courses.
    • Art history will be included in the instructional programs when appropriate.
    • A fee for materials may be required for some courses.