STEM: Design and Engineering


    STEM Teacher:  Jordan Estock

    Phone (302) 475-3951 x 3103
    Fax (302) 529-3094
    Room T103

    Design & Engineering I

    This course is an introduction to the basics of design and engineering. Students learn how to use basic drafting principles to design and build a variety of woodworking projects. They learn how to safely operate machines and power tools in the lab. Students take their learning across the curriculum, using their STEM skills in other subjects. They play a beginner role Concord’s Technology Student Association.

    Design & Engineering II

    In Design and Engineering II, students apply their skills in using tools, materials, and engineering to make their own products. They learn to use reverse engineering to analyze an existing product.  Then they design and build an improved version of the product based on their findings. Students develop ideas for inventions by designing and constructing working models of a device that performs an everyday task. Class members are active in Concord’s Technology Student Association.

    Design & Engineering III

    In this course students use their Design and Engineering knowledge to solve technical real-life problems and communicate their solutions to others. This is the highest-level class of the Processes of Design & Engineering pathway. Students become leaders in Concord’s Technology Student Association.

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