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    3401 Green Street

    Claymont, DE 19703

    School: (302) 792-3880

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    Claymont Elementary School

    Claymont Elementary School is located on a suburban, tree lined campus which includes a county library and a community center which offers day care and state supported services.  The Brandywine School District has modified the former Claymont High School to create a physical and educational environment conducive to the educational needs of our 820+ elementary students. To provide an appropriate educational environment, programs are provided to meet the needs of all students in a safe, structured environment.     Committed to helping students achieve academic excellence and social responsibility, we dedicate ourselves to developing today's learners into tomorrow's leaders through instruction in the Common Core Standards and the application of these skills in hands-on and real-life situations.   We also host the Elementary Gifted & Talented Program for all district fourth and fifth grade students.  Claymont Elementary serves students in our elementary population northeast of Silverside Road with Autism Spectrum Disorders in our integrated setting.  Claymont Elementary is proud to implement the BSD Dual Language Immersion Program in grades K-3.


    Our Vision
    "Embrace, Inspire, and Challenge Every Student, Every Day!"

    Our Mission

    Our mission at Claymont is to prepare students for the future through a home, school, and community partnership.  Preparation includes providing each student with the opportunity to acquire the strategies necessary to reach his/her full potential academically, socially, emotionally, and physically, within an   invitational setting utilizing research supported educational practices and programs.  We are focused on learning and always ask ourselves:


     What standard are we expecting the students to learn?

    2. How do we know students have learned the standard?

    3. What will we do for students who have not learned the standard?

    4. What will we do for students who already know the standard?

    Parents are a critical part of our mission.  We pledge to work closely with parents to help them to help their children.



    Our Goals

    ¨ Have clear and measurable goals.

    ¨ Utilize frequent assessments with improved feedback.

    ¨ Use data “selectively and judiciously.”

    ¨ Implement research-based instructional strategies.

    ¨ Maximize student learning time.

    ¨ Promote parental involvement and participation in educational opportunities.

    ¨ Promote a safe, productive, and nurturing learning environment.

    ¨ Maximize and integrate the use of technology across the curriculum.

Last Modified on June 25, 2018