How to get to class on time!

  • Bus Students

    In the morning, the BSD busses that service Lombardy line up around the circle to drop the students off. Once the busses are given the "go-ahead" the students leave the bus and enter the school in an orderly fashion. We ask that parents dropping off students to not pull into the circle or drive behind the school, as you will likely get stuck and slow down the flow.

    For parents/students looking for more information about BSD transportation, please Click here to visit the BSD bus transportation page.


    Car Riders

    Students that are being dropped off in the morning will turn right as soon as you get past the last house on our entry road. Follow the signs and the district employee pointing you in the proper direction. You will continue around the semi circle and drop off your student on the far side of the parking lot, near the side walk. We ask that you don't allow your students to run inbetween moving vehicles, as the safety of our students is of utmost importance. When you approach the coned off area near the side walk, keep in mind the left side is for cars that are not dropping off students, and the right side is for dropping off. Please pull all the way forward so the line can move as efficiently as possible. Remember that although the car line can be a hectic place, please be respectful to all other drivers in the parking lot.