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      Health Concerns

      At Harlan Elementary, good health habits are emphasized so our students may participate fully in the learning experience. Children do not perform at optimal levels if they are experiencing symptoms related to colds, flu, upset stomach, vomiting, fever, chicken pox, etc. Therefore, we ask that you do not send your child to school if he/she is not in good health on any given day.  No child should be sent to school with a temperature or until his/her temperature has been normal for at least 24 hours after any illness. Should your child develop an illness or an elevation of temperature during the school day, the school nurse will phone you or the person you designate on the student emergency card to inform you of his/her condition, and to request that you come to school to pick up your child. We have no facilities for the care of children who become ill during the school day.


      As part of our health screening process, our school nurse will periodically examine children. Eyesight, hearing, and gait screenings will be checked throughout the school year.  Abnormalities will be reported to you along with recommendations for follow-up care.


      It is important that the school nurse be made aware of any special health problems, allergies, dietary needs, etc. about your child. We are committed to providing a medically safe and healthy environment for our students. We ask for your total cooperation in helping us maintain this standard.


      Please do not send medicines to school with children. All medication should be brought in to the nurse by the parent in the original container with the pharmacy label. The school nurse will dispense non-prescription medicines provided the medication is in the original contained with detailed dosage information and parent signature.


      Please be sure your child is dressed to meet the weather conditions – warm wraps, boots, gloves, etc. We will be outdoors for recess at all times of the year depending on the weather.


      The parent must bring all medications to the school nurse in the original prescription bottle.








      An emergency treatment card will be given to all students for their parents to complete at the beginning of school and upon registration thereafter. It is vitally important that this card be returned to the nurse immediately because the nurse must have emergency information in order to provide optimum care and protection for our students.

      If parents change their telephone number, address, or emergency numbers, it is critical that the school nurse know immediately in order to ensure student safety.




      Good health to all our staff and students!


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