• Our Vision:

    Embrace, Inspire and Challenge Every Student Every Day

    Our Mission:

    It is the Brandywine School District's vision to educate all students to their full potential so that each student may excel in the world community and develop a passion for life-long learning.

    Our Goals (As Summarized from our Strategic Plan):

    1 – Foster a culture of academic excellence, including high academic expectations for all.

    2 – Offer challenging curricula, across grades K–12.

    3 – Employ highly effective educators and provide training for all employees to create strong leaders,
          teachers, and support staff.

    4 - Tailor instruction to students’ needs, and give all students every opportunity to master rigorous curriculum.

    5 - Monitor our progress, and learn from our successes. Ensure that our tests align with what is being taught.

    6 - Intervene early, and provide help to students who need it.

    7 - Develop students’ talents, character and encourage engagement. Increase the percent of students
         involved in co-curricular activities.

    8 - Stewardship: Continue to improve effectiveness and efficiency of district operations.