• Compiled and Written by Virginia Shaw
    May 1986



    Information and data in this historical record of Forwood School located on Silverside Road is from research done for the Delaware Writers Project, and from such sources as newspaper articles, notes and other records. Acknowledgement is given in particular to Anna Mae Borel and Lehman Forwood for supplying many items.

    The assistance of personnel in the Delaware State Board of Education in Dover and in the Brandywine School District in Claymont is gratefully acknowledged. The historical data compiled by Avery Bell was also very helpful.

    Appreciation is expressed to all members of the Reunion Committee in accumulating data for the report and in typing and making copies available.

    This paper was written in 1986 by Virginia Shaw, a former student at the original Forwood School on Silverside Road. Miss Shaw moved to Arden with her family in 1900 and lived there until her death, shortly after writing this History.