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Welcome to the Counselor's Corner
Catherine Ward
(302) 475-3956
As a Certified DE School Counselor, I offer the following services:
  • Guidance Lessons
  • Small Group Counseling
  • Short term Individual Counseling
  • Referral information
  • Parenting information
  • Crisis Intervention
For more information please contact me or see the related pages.

Fall 2015

As your child's School Counselor, I'd like to share some of the ways I work to support the students at Forwood Elementary. My goal is to provide a developmentally appropriate, standards based school counseling program aligned with ASCA national standards. My program focus is on the needs and issues related to student growth in the areas of academics, personal/social development and career awareness. I strive to motivate all students to learn in an environment that is safe, based on respect and has high expectations for student achievement. I am available for consultation with parents and teachers and can offer referral services. You can contact me at or

302-475-3956... ~Catherine Ward, MEd

Fall Guidance Activities
Meet Your School Counselor: All students were introduced to me and my role as School Counselor through an interactive Potato Head game during guidance lessons.  A coloring page was provided to each student containing a welcome message and my contact information. 
Bucket Filling is a concept we encourage our students to practice; for when we are kind to others, we feel good about ourselves!  The students enjoy this annual reminder to Fill a Bucket every day!
Soon our youngest students will learn about Kelso; our problem solving frog friend who shows students the difference between small and BIG problems! The Kelso program gives 9 ideas for kids to solve their own small problems. Students are taught to pick 2 to try before telling an adult.

Kelso's Choices: Go to Another Game, Talk it Out, Share and Take Turns, Ignore It, Walk Away, Tell Them to Stop, Apologize, Make a Deal & Wait and Cool Off

BIG problems are scary, dangerous and require the immediate help of an adult to solve. BIG problems are frightening, potentially dangerous and require an adults help right away! (Some examples are: playing with matches or fire, weapons, physical injury or aggression and bully behaviors). K and 1st will begin Kelso in November.

October is Bully Prevention Month

Forwood Elementary is a "No Bully!" school.  Students are encouraged to report problem behavior and may request a Solution Team led by a staff member trained as a Solution Coach.  Solution Coaches guide small group members through the problem solving process, often reaching resolution without punitive consequences.  BSD takes a strong stand against bullying and offers many resources including a confidential reporting form that can be found at, see Bully Resources under the Parent and Student tabs for more information.