• BSD Community Committees

    Many committees and task forces assist the District in decision-making about maintenance, finance, cost containment, and facilities planning. Committee members have expertise in related areas and the District enlists their help in reviewing data, developing plans, and making recommendations. The valuable insight provided by these individuals has been crucial to the sound decisions made by the Board and staff, reflected in the District’s best practices and ongoing commitment to stewardship.

    District Finance Committee

    The purpose of the District Finance Committee is to ensure that taxpayer funds are used as effectively and efficiently as possible by reviewing the financial practices of the District and reporting findings and recommendations for improvement to the Board of Education. Five independent citizen members with training and expertise in the analysis, oversight, and management of budgets are appointed to the committee, as well as one member of the Board of Education and one building principal.   The committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 12:00 p.m.

    • James Hanby
    • Victor Ferzetti
    • Jason Hale
    • Susan Koski
    • Cheryl Siskin
    • John Skrobot III
    • Jack Vinokur
    Alternate members:
    • Yolanda McKinney
    • Chuck Landry
    • John Skrobot 

    Maintenance Advisory Committee

    The Maintenance Advisory Committee was formed to support and assist the District in overseeing facility maintenance issues, including building security and minor capital projects. Members of the committee contribute outstanding expertise and professional knowledge.   The committee meets monthly and rotates between school buildings.

    • John Read
    • John Skrobot
    • Michele Fontana
    • Kelli Racca
    • Don Fantine
    • Herb Duffield
    • Michael Falstad

    Parent Council for Students with Disabilities

    By offering support, education, socialization and advocacy for children with special needs, their families, educators and the involved community, the Parent Council continues to build a strong forum for this community.  The mission is:
    • To work together with the school district to provide the best education experience possible for all children with special needs.
    • To provide a local community support group for parents, guardians and educators of children with special needs.
    • To be a resource of information on available special services.
    • To provide information about community programs.
    • To provide education and support for the community at large.

    Communications Advisory Work Group

    The Communications Advisory Work Group provides guidance and expertise on matters related to marketing the Brandywine School District.  The committee meets on the second Tuesday of January, March, May, July, September, and November at 7 p.m. at District Office.  
    • Kristin Pidgeon
    • Rev. Shanika Perry
    • Pastor David Pope
    • Jeff Olmstead
    • Leslie McGuigan
    • Jennifer Hann-Deschaine
    • Kelly Winchell
    • Candice Buchanan
    • Albert Roop
    • Alexis Andrianopoulos
    • Ashley Dalzell-Gray
    • Cary Riches

    2012 Referendum Accountability Committee (sunset, effective August 15, 2016)

    Formed in 2012 after the successful passage of an operating referendum, this committee is tasked with  ensuring that taxpayer funds approved in the 2012 Operating Referendum are used as promised.  Specific charges to the committee include: (1) ensuring that the Brandywine School District delivers on the commitments made as a result of the Operating Referendum of March 2012; (2) ensuring that clear and concise communication is presented to the BSD community regarding referendum initiatives; and (3) if any deviations from the referendum plan become necessary, recommending those changes to the School Board for approval. 

    The RAC will meet a minimum of three times per school year, unless additional meetings are deemed necessary.  The members, listed below, served for the duration of the 2012 Operating Referendum.  The committee was sunset in August 2016. 

    • Marty Tracy
    • Cyndi Lehm
    • Carrie Casey
    • James Hanby
    • Chuck Landry
    • Pastor David Pope
    • Olivia Johnson-Harris
    • Joe Brumskill
    • John Skrobot
    • Karen Gordon
    • Bill O'Hanlon
    • Dr. Mark Holodick
    • Alexis Andrianopoulos
    • Cary Riches
    Other committees are formed for special issues, as needed.