AVID: Advancement Via Individual Determination

AVID display

    For more than 30 years, AVID has prepared students for success in higher education. This research-based system helps students who want to take higher-level courses and to go college. AVID helps make sure there are more equal opportunities for students from diverse and underrepresented groups to graduate from college.

    AVID is designed for 6th through 12th grade students who have a 2.0-3.5 GPA and want to go to college. 


    All students are invited to apply to take the AVID elective in addition to their school's honors and Advanced Placement classes. Students go through an interview and application process. If accepted, they take the AVID elective each year.  Students work on organization, study skills, and critical thinking skills.  They get academic help from peers and college tutors and participate in enrichment and motivational activities.  Students feel empowered to become successful leaders and role models in their school. 


    The AVID system is offered in all BSD middle and high schools. You can learn more about AVID in BSD by clicking here. The Brandywine School District invites interested students and parents to contact the AVID coordinators at their child's school.

    Visit http://www.avid.org/ to learn about the national AVID program.