• After earning 100 Compliments Mr. Scott's Fifth grade class began brainstorming on how they could help our school community.  The class openly discussed the best way to demonstrate and represent how to earn compliments.  Some of the ideas were to take photo's of appropriate behavior and post them around the school, create a play and perform it for the students, visit classrooms and talk to younger students to share their experiences, create daily announcements, and possibly write a story about how they earned their first 100 compliments.  

    After a long discussion it was decided to create a picture book that demonstrated appropriate behavior and locations that student's could earn compliments for their class.  A group of students was selected to create the book. Over several weeks the students took photos, planned the layout , selected the text, and then began to assemble the book.  A copy of this book has been hand delivered by the students to each classroom to be used as a guide.  At the time of the delivery Mr. Scott's class had earned an amazing 208 compliments.  Congratulations and Thank You for contributing to our school community.



Last Modified on May 10, 2010