• Bush is co-located with Hanby Elementary School at 2523 Berwyn Road in Wilmington (in the Chalfonte neighborhood).  Transportation is provided in certain cases as determined by the school.  Parents seeking transportation information should contact Principal Dr. Melinda Tartaglione for more information. 

    Most Bush students will be dropped off and picked up in our carline. To ensure the safety of our students and staff, please follow our carline procedures:

    - The right lane on the curb side is designated for Bush families only beginning at 9:05 a.m. and at dismissal at 3:40 p.m.
    - The right lane on the curb as well as the lane to the left of the island will be used for loading students beginning at 11:40 a.m.
    - Staff will be available to assist with unloading and loading children, up to 20 vehicles at a time. 
    - Staff will assist with arrival from 9:05-9:15 a.m. and 1:05-1:15 p.m.
    - Staff will assist with departure from 11:40-11:50 a.m. and 3:40-3:50 p.m.
    - Please do not pull away from the carpool area until you are directed to do so by staff.
    - Staff will be able to safely escort two to four students at a time.
    - When staff comes to your vehicle, please have your child out of their car seat and ready to be received by staff.
    - Please do not allow your child to leave you or your vehicle and walk independently toward a staff member. Staff will accompany students by the hand.
    - Carpoolers will be assigned a classroom number with a car emblem to assist with arrival and departure.
    - Please print your student's name on the car emblem and place it on the right front corner of your vehicle's dashboard.

    Please follow these general safety reminders:

    - Please do not leave your vehicle unattended in the carpool lane.
    - Please do not drive around other vehicles.
    - Please do not use cell phones while in the carpool area.
    - Please drive at a low rate of speed.