• Carrcroft is happy to provide our students with technology that supports 21st century learning. Below is a list of accommodations that we offer all students.

    For more information, please contact our school librarian, Donna Moloney

  • Laptop Carts 

    Carrcroft is happy to have 6 laptop carts that rotate between the classrooms on a weekly basis. This type of rotation allows the "laptop lab" to come to the classroom. These laptops are used for everything that the computer lab is used for, just in the comfort of the teachers own room.


    Each student is given a Chomebook that is used for a number of educational goals. As these type of tablets are very familiar to students, the students genuinely enjoy learning on these devices. 


    Each classroom is equipt with a smartboard and an Elmo device.

    K-2 classrooms have audio systems in the room. 

students at computer