• National Honor Society (N.H.S.)


    Advisor: Mrs. Bradley


    The National Honor Society (NHS) was founded in 1921 to promote academic excellence. The NHS chapter began at Mount Pleasant High School in 1952 under the direction of Mrs. Daisy Wallace. Local chapters of the Honor Society are governed by two sets of documents: The National Constitution and the local chapter bylaws. The National Constitution was developed and is monitored by the National Council that serves as the governing body of the national organizations. The day-to-day administration of the Societies is undertaken by the staff of the national office. All chapters must adopt and abide by the provisions of the National Constitution, per their chartering agreement with the national organization. The National Handbook, available from the NHS sales office, elaborates on the items found in the Constitution—including an outline for local bylaws—and provides guidance for advisers in applying the Constitution to their work with their chapters.