• Welcome to 5th Grade!!!

    Lancashire 5th Graders are Lion Kings!

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    Room 211 ~Ms. Hurford


    5th Grade Assertive Discipline System:
    clip board
    No Name
    Great Day!
    Name & CheckLast Warning!  Get back on track!
    Name & 2 ChecksRecess Detention and Contact with Parents (either phone call or note in folder)
    Name & 3 ChecksOffice Referral
    ***Severe Behaviors will be sent directly to the Interventionist***
    Parent/Teacher/Student Conference Days
    1st Marking Period
      October 13th and 14th  
            *all students         
    2nd Marking Period
    February 3rd 
    *as needed
    3rd Marking Period
    May 5th  
    *as needed
    ***More information to follow***


Last Modified on July 5, 2016