• Fine Arts

  • The Visual Arts Department teaches students how to develop a visual voice to speak about their lives. Experiences and lessons help students learn how art can improve their ability to communicate ideas and feelings about their world. Lessons combine examples from art history and culture with creative experiences to express themselves visually. The department offers a wide variety of course selections from traditional drawing, painting, and sculpture to the more cutting-edge art forms like computer art and photography. 

    Students create, evaluate, and make connections between the visual arts and other disciplines. Lessons are based on Big Ideas that transcend art and make connections to the greater world. Opportunities are provided for students to explore arts' place in the working world. At the same time, the Art Department supports students preparing for an art career as well as those who simply want to experience art.

    The Art Room is a plce where students feel safe to try new ideas and express feelings in productive ways. The Art Room is a haven where students can believe in themselves. Art can be transformative, enlightening, and fun.

Art students