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    Brandywine High School is proud to be an approved AP Capstone™ school, one of the few in Delaware to reach this designation.   AP Capstone is a diploma program based on two yearlong AP courses: AP Seminar and AP Research. These courses are designed to complement other AP courses that the AP Capstone student may take.  Instead of teaching specific subject knowledge, AP Seminar and AP Research use an interdisciplinary approach to develop the critical thinking, research, collaboration, time management, and presentation skills students need for college-level work.  The College Board developed the AP Capstone Diploma program at the request of higher education professionals, who saw a need for a systematic way for high school students to begin mastering these skills before college.  In order to earn the AP Capstone Diploma, students must score 3 or higher in AP Seminar, AP Research, and four additional AP exams of their choosing. 


    October 18, 2021

    The deadline to register for AP exams is coming up on November 1st with the exam payment window running from 11/1-11/10. Students need to log into My AP Classroom to register or drop the exam for each of their AP courses which indicates their intention to test and determines the amount owed per student. Standard exams are $96 each or $144 for AP Seminar or AP Research. Those who are in AVID and those who qualify for a fee reduction will owe $5 per exam so turn in your BSD Meal Benefit Form and Free Reduced Parent Consent forms to Ms. Hackenbrack this week. Payments can be made online through the BHS Payment Portal at: BHS Payment Portal; or via cash, a singular check for the household made out to “BHS AP”, or singular money order for the household. Please review all of the information in the AP Parent Letter as well as the other available forms and resources on our website here: https://www.brandywineschools.org/Page/7357, and students can check the BHS AP Student Schoology Group for more information. If you have questions please contact your AP teacher or our AP Coordinator, Mrs. Street, at Lisa.Street@bsd.k12.de.us



    October 1, 2021

    Reminder that by November 1steach student must log into their My AP Classroom and change their Intention to Test from “undecided” to “Yes” or “No” for each individual AP exam, otherwise an exam will not be ordered. Students whose intentions are left as “undecided” will not have an exam ordered and a late fee may be incurred if the student decides later they wish to take it.

    The AP exam payment window opens Monday November 1st and will run through Wednesday November 10th only. The exam fees are $96 per exam for most exams or $144 per exam for AP Seminar and/or AP Research. Payments can be made via cash, a singular personal check for the household made out to “BHS AP”, money order, or electronically at: BHS Payment Portal. Payments made after November 10th will incur an additional late fee of $40 per exam on top of the base fee for the exam. Families who believe they may qualify for a fee waiver must submit both the Meal Benefit Form and the Free Reduced Lunch Parental Consent form in order for us to verify your status with the District Nutrition Department. Those forms are due by November 1st so that we can begin that verification status and can let you know how much you owe in total prior to the payment window opening. Return both forms (attached) to Ms. Hackenbrack in the School Counseling office as soon as possible. The cost of exams is $5 each for students who qualify for fee waivers.

    Please review the 2022 AP Parent Letter (attached), the BHS website for more information about AP at: https://www.brandywineschools.org/Page/7357, or the BHS AP Student Schoology group for more information. If you have questions please reach out to Mrs. Street at lisa.street@bsd.k12.de.us.




    September 15, 2021

    Dear AP Students and Parents: Committing to taking an AP class is a proud and serious decision that exposes students to the rigor and depth of knowledge required to show potential for success in collegiate coursework. Each AP class has a suite of tools and resources provided by the College Board through the student’s My AP Classroom account which uses the same login credentials as their College Board account. Students get personalized feedback through digital tools that provide support, and AP teachers are able to track student performance throughout the year. In the spring, students will take AP Exams from May 2-13, 2022 with scores available in July. Students were given “join codes” for each of their AP courses during the first week of school to connect to their classes and access these resources, as well as to indicate their decision to take the AP exam in May. Students have until October 1st to join each of their AP courses in My AP Classroom (students should not create a duplicate account if they do not remember those credentials, but should use the forgot features instead). Students must change the “undecided” intention to test as “Yes” or “No” in their My AP Classroom account for each exam no later than November 1st.

    The exam fee and the fee reduction changes for the 2021-22 school year are listed below. The fees encourage students to commit to the exams early and stay engaged throughout the year, increasing their chances of earning college credits. At Brandywine High School, students and parents are encouraged to fill out a Meal Benefit Form and the Free/Reduced Parental Consent Form, which allows us to verify whether or not a student qualifies for a fee reduction for AP exams (as well as SAT, ACT, and NCAA account fees, as applicable). This process can be done in September; and is recommended to be completed by November 1st. Forms are available from AP teachers, the school counseling office, and in the BHS AP Student Group on Schoology. If a student qualifies for free/reduced lunch or participates in the AVID program, they will be charged a reduced rate. Any late order fees will apply to all students who wish to register for an exam after November 10th, and those will be charged to the student as an obligation if unpaid.


    Type of Fee


    Cost per Exam

    On-Time Order

    Exam ordered by November 10

    $96 for most exams

    $144 for AP Seminar or AP Research

    Fee Reduction

    Exams ordered by November 10 for students who are in AVID as well as those who qualify for free/reduced lunch. Forms must be filed the week prior for verification.

    $5 per exam including AP Seminar or AP Research

    Late Order

    Exam ordered between November 16 and March 12

    $40 late fee per exam plus the base cost of the exam which equates to:

    $136 per exam

    $184 for AP Seminar or AP Research

    $45 per exam for those who qualify for a fee reduction

    Unused/Canceled Exam

    Exam canceled or not taken (student is a no show)

    $40 cancelation fee for exams canceled after November 15th, and/or for exams that are not taken in May. This fee will replace the base exam fee and a partial refund of $56 or

    $104, respectively, may be available.



    This year, payments can be made electronically or in person as below:


    Electronic Payments can be made from 11/1 - 11/10

    In-Person Payment Options Monday through Friday 7:00am-2:00pm from 11/1 - 11/10

    Click the link on the Brandywine High School website for Online Payment Portal using MasterCard or Visa at: BHS Payment Portal *please add all exam titles in the Description field when making an electronic payment


    A singular personal check in the total amount for all students combined in the household made out to “BHS AP”

    Money Order made out to “BHS AP”


    If you wish to learn more about AP, you may visit the College Board website at: https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/ or you can email apexams@info.collegeboard.org.




    Lisa Street

    Lisa Street, M.Ed.

    Department Chair of School Counseling College Board Testing Coordinator Phone: 302-479-1609

    Fax: 302-479-2619

    Email: Lisa.Street@bsd.k12.de.us

    Website: www.brandywineschools.org/brandywine




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