• This is the history of the computer lab and technology at Lancashire Elementary School.
    The most recent changes are at the top.

    Phase VIII
    New Lancashire Elementary
    March 2011- present
    I am happy to be the new Computer Lab Faciliatator here at Lancashire Elementary School. I have been a substitute teacher in the Brandywine School District for the past 3 years.
    Over the summer all of the computers were upgraded to Office 2010. It took some getting used to when we came back in September.
    In the computer lab we received a new laser printer which is much quieter then our old printer.
    Lab Tech - Gloria Mathews

    Phase VII
    New Lancashire Elementary
    January 2010 - March 2011
    Lancashire Opening - January 6, 2010

    Kindergarten Students Enjoy Computer Lab

    Making up snow days was easy to do with all the time required to set up the school with computers and making sure the lab was ready to go! The technology department had the entire school's computer hardware in place and networked. The computer lab required some extra TLC since not enough outlets were built in the new computer lab. Using old chairs and the old computer tables from Burnett Elementary School, Ray Siciliano and his team came up with a usable room configuration.
    It sure was nice using a ceiling mounted projector. However, one thing missed in the new computer lab was the rug... Students had to sit in their chairs, eyes on the screen and wait for instruction.
    A new laser printer was added in the computer lab- HP LaserJet 4350n. We still had our dependable HP 6300 scanner, it was used quite heavily over the years. Also, the lab houses the zoned Enterprise A color printer. All homerooms print to this printer as their default. Throughout the day, we often hear the printer complete various jobs.
    Students were thrilled to have a new computer lab and were eager to have the lab open for use! The lab now contains 32 HP 6000's with flat panel monitors. All computers have soft padded headphones with volume control on the ear piece.
    HeadphonesLancashire can honestly recommend the Caliphone headphones with coiled cords. They lasted a loooong time (over 10 years) and took much abuse!
    Labsonic LS3000 The new headphones orderd for Lancashire (Labsonic LS3000) were chosen because the cord is longer and the headphones can be plugged into the back of the computer. Since several students broke the headphone jack located in the front of the machine, using the cords in the back will prevent students from accidently breaking off the jack which caused costly repairs.)
     headphone cord
    During this phase the PTA funded $500 for headphones, with 6 dozen ordered and to arrive fall 2010. The PTA also has funded Elmo's for homerooms. One particular money making endeavor was Jeans for Technology Day! Students could wear blue jeans to school if they donated $1 to this worthy cause.
    Delaware Comprehensive Assessment Sytem (DCAS) began spring 2010. DCAS is student testing on the computer. Students first had to be trained using the DCAS locked down web browser. Here, they learned the tools to highlight, strikethrough, zoom in and out, scroll reading passages and pages, they also learned graphical tools to accomplish points and line drawing. DCAS testing will occur several times throughout the school year for second, third, fourth and fifth graders.

    1st Day 1.6.2010

    LabTech During Phase VIII- Mrs. Youse

    Phase VII
    March 2009 - December 2009
    September 2009 began with the addition of grades four and five. Computers were added into centrums in the "old Lancashire" to accommodate more staff members. Things were tight, but with a little more extra feet of cables, all computers in the school were networked successfully. The computer lab was still in Room 201 with the addition of a few more software titles expanded into 4th and 5th grade components.
    This phase ended over a decade of computing in the "old Lancashire". The week before Christmas, Mrs. Youse unhooked all 29 computers, networking cables, wrapped up cords and stacked computers and monitors in the middle of the room. District would be deploying the computers elsewhere in the district since the new school would be getting all new computers. Even the TV would find a new home since the new Lancashire didn't have the storage space in the computer lab.

    memories from the

    LabTech During Phase VII- Mrs. Youse

    Phase VI
    March 2009
    Hp dc5100's
    In March of 2009, computers from Harlan were brought over to the Lancashire Computer Lab. Harlan upgraded to newer models and we were lucky to have their old ones. The lab computers were installed relatively fast. With three people, all the old Dell 2000 Optiplex computers were put in the center of the room and taken out with every trip back to the truck. Starting at 8:30am, the lab was turned over and finished by 10:30 am.  Talk about speedy! What teamwork! The transition team consisted of Curtis, Cami, and Mary Beth. The Hp dc5100's are operating with WindowsXP.
    LabTech During Phase VI- Mrs. Youse

    Phase V
    November 2005- 2009

    Old Dell Computer Lab

    The installation of the new software occured on November 10, 2005. The Systems Engineer and Field Engineer, Bryan and Ray, spent a day and a half preparing the lab by upgrading the Bios and then doing a remote install of the software.
    All elementary schools in the district own the same software titles with this new image.
    Bailey's Book House-Millie's Math House -Sammie's Science House -Trudy's Time & Place -Thinkin' Things 2 -Word Munchers Kid Pix Deluxe 3 -Mighty Math Carnival Countdown-Might Math Zoo Zillions -Numbers Undercover -Numbers Recovered- Neighborhood Map Machine- Letterbugs Get Ready to Read- Key Skills Language Arts- Key Skills Math- Kidspiration
    Older software, purchased by PTA and grant monies was still utilized. A separate installation of older software by the lab tech included StoryBook Weaver, ZipZap Map, and The Graph Club.
    2005 - 2008
    During this three year time period, some additions were made to Lancashire's technology. An HP Color Laser 4600 printer was networked for school-wide use and the students print special projects from the lab to the color printer. Zoned printers, black only, were added throughout the school.
    A media cart was purchased in January of 2008 with a new video projector, amplification sound system, lapel and handheld microphone, a traveling screen, and two new Sony DSC-W80 cameras. Also a new multi-level cart completes the package. The Lancashire PTA fully funded this media cart.
    LabTech During Phase V- Mrs. Youse

    Phase IV
    Evaluation of new software titles occured during this phase.
    Several meetings between the elementary techs, the technology supervisors, and Math and Reading Content Specialists (Mrs. Carey, and Mrs. Casey respectively) produced a selection of elementary software. Phase IV allowed all the elementary schools in the Brandywine School Disctrict to be equipped with similar software titles. The computer lab secured software titles that met content standards and curriculum objectives.
    The team evaluated over a dozen programs. There is no one piece of software that encompasses the entire K-3 language arts curriculum, so the group chose the following language arts titles:
    1. Kidspiration - writing (Riverdeep or Tom Snyder)
    2. Kid Pix - (Riverdeep)
    3. Letterbugs Get Ready to Read - (Sunburst)
    4. Key Skills: Phonics & Spelling - (Sunburst)
    5. Key Skills Bundle (K-6) - includes math & lang arts (Sunburst)
    6. Harcourt Phonics Express, level B - Harcourt
    7. Word Munchers (K-6) - Riverdeep
    8. Bailey's, Millie's, Sammie's, Trudy's suite, plus Thinking Things 2 - Riverdeep
    The following is a list of math selection software titles:
    1. Mighty Math Carnival Countdown (Edmark/Riverdeep)
    2. Mighty Math Zoo Zillions (Edmark/Riverdeep)
    3. Numbers Undercover (Sunburst)
    4. Numbers Recovered (Sunburst)
    The purchase and installation of these titles was planned for spring of 2005.
    Another upgrade to the computer lab at Lancashire was a new laserjet printer. The recent installment of an HP LaserJet 4000 had more capabilities to print labels and certificates with a separate manual feed tray. Thanks to the technology department, the Lancashire lab acquired new peripherals that allowed for better printing.
    Lab Tech during Phase IV- Mrs. Youse

    Phase III

    Old Desktop!

    Changes to the computer lab began in November of 2003. This was part of the district wide migration to upgrade the operating system to W2K. It took some great planning from the technology department to migrate the entire school district.
    Lancashire prepared for the migration by upgrading the computer's BIOS and memory. Once completed, the machines were readied for the next step. We were able to create a lab image that was used across the 27 computers in the lab. However convienent ghosting the lab with one image, some titles still needed to be installed on each computer, one install at a time. This was a time consuming effort!
    Old MacsThis is a picture of the old Mac computers and older Dell Optiplex computers being collected on the stage. The older Dell computers were running Windows 98. The computers that replaced these weren't brand new, but at least the operating system is Windows 2000!
    Finally, in March 2004, the licensed software installations became finalized. What a job to install the various titles! Upkeeping the requirements of running technology across the school was a big job.
    Hopefully, Phase IV won't occur anytime in the near future! But if technology changes as rapidy as it does, it won't surprise anyone if the next phase influences Lancashire's computer lab and computer users.
    Building Technologist
    Lab Tech during Phase III- Mrs. Youse
    (In 2002, Mrs. Youse graduated with a M. Ed. in Applied Technology)

    Phase II
    Welcome to the newly installed computer lab at Lancashire Elementary School.  Lancashire is a public school for kindergarten thru third grade in northern New Castle County, Delaware.  A new computer lab has been eagerly awaited by 350 students who attend Lancashire.
    The computer lab got off to a slow start for the 2000-2001 school year due to shipping delays with the furniture company. Twenty five new tables arrived in September, but took two weeks to have the wire management assembly installed by the furniture company.  The company was swamped with fulfulling all their orders.  Many phone calls later, the tables were finished on September 21st.
    Setting up took four days to complete.  Whew, what a job!  Unpacking 54 cartons was a tiring job, done almost entirely by the Lab Facilitator....luckily, the custodian helped lift the 40 pound monitors out of the cartons.  Connecting ethernet cords and surge protectors in the lab came next.
    The network administrators from Brandywine School District arrived to install the software titles on the server.  Installation of software was time consuming and became a headache, since network version titles all install differently.  Some titles still needed to be installed at each client station.  Ghosting the harddrives on 27 computers made the job run more quickly.
    Finally,the grand opening of the lab was Tuesday, October 10, 2000.  The students patiently sat through a lecture of lab rules about the new equipment and office chairs.  We discussed headphone wires and how to keep hands clean and dry while using the equipment.
    All students enjoyed using the title Word Muncher's Deluxe, which is software customized for various grade levels.  The children enjoyed the lab lesson and learned how to double-click using the PC mouse - quite different from the old MacLC 550 Computer Lab with the one-click mouse!
    Much to the delight to the students, they were permitted to "spin" in the new wheeled office chairs. This would have to suffice for the rest of the year, students were warned not to spin after this!
    LabTech During Phase II- Mrs. Youse
    Computer Hardware (purchased in 2000, and used throughout the years 2000-2008)  
    Old Dell Computer Lab
    Old Computer Lab
        • The lab is a state of the art, multimedia lab with 27 new DELL computers.
        • Dell OptiPlex GX110, Pentium III
        • Windows 98
        • 128MB Ram
        • 7 GB HardDrive
        • Dell 17 Inch Monitor with Integrated Speakers
        • Factory Installed Floppy Drive
        • Factory Installed 20/48X CD-Rom Drive
        • Factory Installed Ethernet Card
        • 104 Key Keyboard
    We print in the lab using a older HP Laserjet 4M Plus - printing black only and a New HP Business Inkjet 2200 with a 250 sheet paper tray - printing in beautiful, crisp color.  The HP Inkjet printer has four separate individual cartridges which will prove to be economical in the long run since our elementary lab does various jobs using color printing.
    Each computer has Califone Stereo Headphones with adjustable headband and dual volume controls.  The headband and ear openings on this device have a washable vinyl cover.  The headphones have a 10 foot coiled cord which should stand up to the strain of child use.
    A new CANON S-20 digital camera with a 16 MB compact flash card was recently purchased.  The camera takes wonderful, clear pictures....be sure to check out the "Lab Photos".
    Teacher Workshops
        • Simple Spreadsheets - Learn How To Make A Class List
        • E-Mail Advanced using Outlook Express - Setting Up Address Book and Group Names, Using the State Ldap
        • How to Use the Digital Camera 
        • Print Shop Premier:  Making signs, banners, cards, and certificates
        • Creating School and Classroom Newsletters
        • One Computer Classroom

    Lab Tech during Phase II- Mrs. Youse



    Phase I
    The computer lab at Lancashire began as a Macintosh lab. Twelve MAC LC550's were initally purchased by the PTA and the district provided for twelve more. We were fortunate to have a PTA so interested in technology. The PTA also purchased most of the software in the Macintosh computer lab as well as a projector and Apple Quicktake Camera. The chairs were not fancy, but the students did not mind sitting on folding chairs. Going to the computer lab was something students looked forward to. Along with the students, the teachers even had to learn to use computers. The principal at this time, Mrs. Pat Griffin was amazed at all the things students learned in the first year with computers.
    Taking the diver underwater exploring Down the diver goes! Click on the pufferfish! 

    Move the flashlight and find the objects!Students remember Mac OS 7.0-7.5  "Mouse Practice", diving down the depths of the ocean to learn mouse skills. Students enjoyed the experience of clicking on the objects and moving the flashlight to discover what was on the ocean bottom. They finished by clicking on the treasure and once finding all the treasure, they returned to the surface.

    Printing student work was done on two dot matrix printers in the lab. Those printers kept up the "hum" when entire classrooms had projects to produce. Those were the days of educational technology in its infancy.
    In 1996 we were "wired" for internet connectivity. Mrs. Tunell, PTA President and Net Day Organizer for Lancashire, learned the procedure for wiring the classrooms and brought back that knowledge to her team at Lancashire. The school was originally wired by a group of parents who fished wires through ceiling tiles. Teachers, during Phase I, began learning how to use an email account.
    In 1998, the state upgraded hubs and switches, and the talk was to purchase PC's for the schools. The Macs would be moved to the homerooms for students to continue using, and the lab would change to a PC lab. Eventually the planning became a reality and technology moved to Phase II at Lancashire.
    The lab techs during phase I were Mrs. Tunell, Mrs. Youse, Mrs.Beech

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