Welcome to Hybrid Learning in BSD

  • Starting January 19, 2021, BSD is operating in a Hybrid Learning Model with students in grades PK-12 divided into Cohort 1 (in-person), Cohort 2 (in-person), or Fully Remote based on family preference. Hybrid learning provides an opportunity to learn both in school and at home based on family preference. We will be providing the same rigor, compassion, caring, and professionalism the BSD community has come to expect. 

    Hybrid learning in BSD is guided by three equally important principles: building relationships, social-emotional learning, and depth of knowledge. An overarching priority is health and safety.

building relationships
  • A critical component of students' success is the relationships they have with educators and peers. A foundation of trust and respect is required for quality learning to occur. BSD teachers will be purposeful in getting to know their students and connecting them with their peers.

social emotional learning
  • We are facing the layered impact of the pandemic, school closure, and social unrest. BSD has prioritized supporting the social-emotional development of our students. All students in PK through 12th grade will have SEL (social-emotional learning) opportunities in their schedules. 

depth of knowledge
  • Students will be engaging in new learning of grade-level content standards. Informal and formal assessments will be used to assess unfinished or incomplete learning from the spring, and teachers will accelerate students' learning to ensure grade-level compentency.

  • The general framework of our hybrid learning model divides students into three groups. The remote learning group will remain at home for their instruction. The students receiving in-person instruction will be split into Hybrid Cohort 1 and Hybrid Cohort 2.

    hybrid framework      hybrid cohorts

    This model provides two days of in-person instruction for families that requested that opportunity. Students will be in school either Mondays and Tuesdays (Cohort 1) OR Thursdays and Fridays (Cohort 2). An additional two days of at-home learning is provided through live instruction with the teacher and students attending in person. Wednesdays are considered asynchronous learning days. Students will engage in independent learning activities provided by teachers. There is time built into Wednesdays for full remote students to receive live instruction support in smaller groups for greater individualization to ensure they are progressing in the grade-level standards. With no students in buildings on Wednesdays, we also have an additional opportunity to deep clean our facilities