• Lancashire Bully Prevention Policy

    The purpose of the Lancashire Elementary School Bully Free School Policy is to heighten
    awareness around the issue of bullying and to promote a safe learning environment
    for all students. The initiative includes information and activities for students during
    classroom lessons and school wide assemblies as well as proactive interventions to
    stop bullying before it begins and address bullying situations should they arise.

    What is Bullying?

    • Aggressive behavior that is intentional, intimidating, and occurs repeatedly
    over a period of time
    • Bullying can be direct
    • Bullying can be indirect

    The Four Types of Bullying

    • Physical Bullying (Direct Bullying)
       o Hitting, Kicking or Pushing Someone
       o Stealing, Hiding or ruining someone's things
       o Making someone do something he or she doesn't want to do
    • Verbal Bullying (Direct Bullying)
       o Name calling
       o Taunting
       o Insulting
    • Emotional Bullying (Indirect Bullying)
       o Refusing to talk to someone
       o Spreading lies and rumors about someone
       o Making someone feel left out or rejected
    • Cyber-Bullying (Can be Direct or Indirect)
       o Emails
       o Instant Messaging
       o Texting
       o Blogs
       o Chat Rooms
       o Communication Technologies

    Where Can Bullying Occur?

    Bullying can occur anywhere, but tends to be more prominent in places where
    there is no direct teacher supervision, like hallways, busses, the cafeteria, and
    playground. At Lancashire we will work together to ensure that students feel safe
    during all times of the day and across all school situations.

    Who Can Be a Bully?

    • Boys are most often overt bullies
    • Girls are most often indirect bullies
    • There is no such thing as an “innocent bystander”; At Lancashire we believe
    that everyone has a responsibility to keep the school safe and Bully Free
    by reporting any suspicion of bullying behavior to an adult.

    What Procedures are Followed?

    • All incidents of reported bullying, regardless of whether the school could
    substantiate the incident, are required to be reported to the Delaware
    Department of Education within five working days.
    • The school is required to notify a parent, guardian, or relative caregiver
    pursuant to 14 Del Code section 202 (f), or the legal guardian of any person
    who is a target of bullying or person who bullies another as defined by 14 Del
    Code section 4112D.
    • Contact school administration at 302-475-3990, lavina.davis@bsd.k12.de.us 
    • The Department of Justice School Ombudsperson phone number is: 1-800-220-5414  
Last Modified on July 5, 2016