Safe School Drinking Water

  • The State of Delaware is working with federal and local partners to ensure all Delaware children and school staff have safe and clean drinking water.

    With the support of a grant from the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Delaware Department of Education (DOE) and the Delaware Division of Public Health (DPH) began a sampling initiative in Delaware schools in October 2020 to identify the levels of lead within the drinking water system.


  • Brandywine School District is scheduled to undergo testing in late April and early May of 2023.  Results will be released per school, so all results will not be available at the same time.

    To date, the District has received results for the following schools:

    • Bush/Hanby Elementary
    • Carrcroft Elementary
    • Claymont Elementary
    • Forwood Elementary
    • Harlan Elementary
    • Lancashire Elementary
    • Lombardy Elementary
    • Maple Lane Elementary
    • Mt. Pleasant Elementary
    • P.S. duPont Middle/ECAP
    • Springer Middle
    • Talley Middle
    • Brandywine High
    • Concord High
    • Mt. Pleasant High

    In all, 1478 samples have been analyzed from the schools listed above.  98.6% of these samples are within the acceptable range.  1.4% of the samples represent 13 sources above the threshold of 7.5 ppb and have been taken offline.  These sources will remain offline until remediation efforts are completed, and resampling results are within the recommended range.

    CLICK HERE to view the 2023 Water Sampling Dashboard, which contains all results of schools and districts already tested.