• The 5th Grade Leaders of the Hive is made up of budding student leaders.  Students submit an application stating their interest and receive recommendations from their homeroom teachers based on their academic, behavior and leadership qualities.  Applications are reviewed by the lead - Mrs. Clendaniel and Assistant Principal. Leader Core members meet with Mrs. Clendaniel on a monthly basis to learn about student leadership skills and to contribute student voice to our school community  

      What do leaders do?

      • Facilitate fundraisers
      • Act as guides for after-school events and/or guests
      • Promote safety among peers in our school environment.
      • Help solve current school topics/issues that impact our school or community
      • Help promote activities/events by creating posters, announcements, etc.
      • Support the school's Green Team by planting in the garden, adding plants/trees to the school grounds, etc.