• Behavior and Support Programs

    Instructional Intervention

    Many options are offered for those students who need additional educational and instructional support both in and out of the classroom. Within the classroom, teachers differentiate their instruction to meet the readiness and abilities of each student.
    • If further help is needed, Lancashire provides a Reading Specialist who works with small groups of children to offer additional instruction outside of their regular scheduled reading class.

    • We also have an Early Intervention Reading Para-Professional who works with small groups to give them additional support to increase their phonics, decoding, and reading skills.

    • An ESL (English as a Second Language) tutor is with us daily to meet and work with students who in the process of adapting to speaking, reading, and writing in English.

    • Special education services are also provided for students in both the regular classroom and within a small group outside the regular classroom depending on the need of each child.

    • The Reading Assist program is an additional intervention that offers students intensive diagnostic one-on-one tutoring to assist selected children in finding ways for those who are having difficulty in breaking the code of reading.

    Tutor/Mentor Programs

    Lancashire is fortunate to have 2 volunteer tutor/mentor programs. The TABS (Towards a Better Society) program utilizes a committed group of retired, senior citizens who tutor and/or mentor students on a weekly basis. TABS volunteers may work with students on-to-one or in small groups. Creative Mentoring is a statewide program, which matches an adult volunteer to a student who has been referred to the program by the teacher in a on-to-one mentoring relationship. Mentors work with one child and move with the child to the next grade level. Both programs take place during the school day.

    Lancashire offers various incentives and rewards for students who demonstrate the four school-wide expectations of respect, responsibility, cooperation, and safety. Citizens of the Month ceremonies are held throughout the school year to honor those children at all grade levels that are working hard to meet our school wide expectations. Each classroom earns compliments for working as a team in meeting the expectations, which can be accumulated and turned in for rewards. Lancashire participates in the AMF Book N' Bowl program where students are given a particular goal for the school year on the amount of books to be read; if they meet the goal they are rewarded to attend the school trip to spend a morning bowling and eating pizza!

Last Modified on July 5, 2016