Measuring Student Success

  • Brandywine High School uses a variety of ways to keep track of how well their students are learning.  There are homework assignments, projects, tests and marking period grades.  Several times during the year students take standardized tests.  All of these assessments are taken into account to paint a complete picture of how well the student is learning at BHS. 

    For day to day snapshots of student grades, parents can check the Home Access Center, part of eSchoolPlus. 

    eSchoolPlus is a student information system that shows important information about your child.  The Parental Home Access Center, also known as HAC, includes homework and assignment grade information.  It tells parents about attendance and the student’s schedule and also alerts parents to discipline issues.

    If you are interested in learning more about the Home Access Center and how to use it, please visit Home Access Center Parental Instructions for access to the Parental Training Manual.

    At the beginning of each school year, you will receive a letter from your school with login information for the Home Access Center.  At that time, you will be able to login to the system and view real-time information on your child. You can reach the HAC by clicking on the Grade icon on our homepage. If you need assistance logging in to HAC, please call the front office.

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