• Graduation Requirements

  • Mandated by the Delaware Department of Education and the Brandywine School District, the following credits are required in the listed content areas:




    Math *must include Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2


    Science *one must be Biology


    Social Studies *one must be US History


    World Language


    Fitness Education




    Career Pathway








BHS Graduates
BHS Graduates
  • Promotion Policy 

    The Brandywine Board of Education may establish requirements over and above the minimum number of credits required by the State Department of Education.

    To be promoted to the 10th grade, a student must earn at least 6 credits as follows: 

    1 credit in English Language Arts 

    1 credit in Mathematics 

    1 credit in Science, Social Studies, or World Language

    3 credits in other courses/electives 


    To be promoted to the 11th grade, a student must earn at least 12 credits as follows: 

    2 credits in English Language Arts 

    2 credits Mathematics 

    2 credits in Science, Social Studies, or World Language

    6 credits in other courses/electives 


    To be promoted to the 12th grade, a student must earn at least 18 credits as follows: 

    3 or 4 credits in English Language Arts (students may take English 11 as well as English 12 at the same time in their final year of high school only) 

    3 credits Mathematics 

    3 credits in Science, Social Studies, or World Language

    9 credits in other courses/electives 

    Students must take all remaining course work in the 12th grade to meet the graduation requirements as stated above. In the senior year, a student must carry a course load of at least 2 credits, which shall include English and Mathematics to meet state graduation requirements.