• Lombardy Elementary School

    Lombardy is a learning community creating opportunities for each child's success.
    Mission Statement
    Paving a pathway toward lifelong learning, the Brandywine School District fosters in its students high aspirations, optimal achievement, and the quest to excel.  With its unwavering pursuit of excellence, the district distinguishes itself with an instructional signature of "Embrace, inspire and challenge every student every day".  Lombardy is firmly committed to creatively using all of the resources within our extended reach to help all our children appropriately learn to master what is good and essential for personal success in daily living.
    • Provide world-class academic experience that requires use of purposeful thinking and doing skills
    • Maintain high expectations for academic performance and personal conduct
    • Instill a respect for diversity in individuals, families and communities
    • Actively involve parents/guardians in their children's education
    • Actively involve parent/guardians and community in aspects of the PTA
    • Serve children with special learning needs and abilities who find who find a suitable, purposeful learning environment in a non-restrictive setting
    • Provide each parent an opportunity to communicate thoughts, questions, concerns and expectations regarding his/her child's education
    • Provide opportunities for staff and parents to share in the development, implementation and assessment of school priorities, standards and activities
    • Utilize current, developing technologies to maximize learning for all students