•  Hi Lombardy students and parents!
           As summer quickly approaches, we often think of the age old children’s chant: "No more homework and no more books!” It's true that your kids do not need to do homework, but no books?   No way!   Reading should be a constant in your child’s life no matter what the time of year.  If your child is not a big reader, summer is a perfect time to instill a love of books because, as some studies have revealed, children risk losing almost all their entire grade level of reading  just by not reading during the summer.
          Try these strategies to get your child reading this summer - go to the library, subscribe to magazines, set aside family reading time, expand beyond the summer reading list and take reading on the road
           Students who read 15 or more books and have his/her parent’s signature on the reading log will be recognized and awarded with 1 item from the school store in the Fall.  The same 15 books can be used to enter all of our sponsoring community partner’s contests that offer many additional rewards for both students and their parents.  Please check the other program links out on the next page. 
           Please give your completed reading log to either Mrs. Chen or Mr. Klenk when school begins next year.

    Have a safe and enjoyable summer!

    Mrs. Chen                      Mr. Klenk                                                                

    Reading Specialist          Librarian

Last Modified on September 20, 2016